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Barbara Clearbridge’s workshops, lectures and classes have taken place in a wide variety of settings, from professional to casual, from hospitals to living rooms, from the tip of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State to New York, Vermont, Canada, and New Zealand. Participants have ranged, so far, from 6 to 88 years old.

Barbara’s 15 classes include overviews or training in a variety of health care and health maintenance methods variously called natural, holistic, complementary, and alternative. Survey and treatment classes discuss techniques as widely diverse as medicinal herbs, massage, homeopathy, laying-on-of-hands, diet, t’ai chi, energy medicine, yoga, aromatherapy, music, exercise, and prayer. Techniques fully taught are those with which Barbara has personal experience, extensive training, and professional expertise.

Barbara’s specialty is energy work. It is used for:

       healing of body, mind, emotions and spirit

      ♦ pain relief

      ♦ deep relaxation for stress relief

      ♦ trauma recovery

      ♦ Reducing the side effects of medications

      ♦ Getting free from addictions

      ♦ maintenance of good health

      ♦ regeneration of self-worth and sense of purpose

      ♦ support for the process of dying

Children and adults of all ages have become energy workers. People in nearly 100 cultures around the world are using their hands to bring healing and balance.

Workshop participants can apply their new skills and knowledge immediately to address current problems, to make lifestyle changes towards greater health, and to help maintain good health throughout their lives. They will also be able to help others. Classes nearly always can be oriented to the goals and abilities of each particular group of participants.

Note: Energy work as taught by Barbara Clearbridge is not part of any religion or belief system. It works easily and well with all other healing methods, including conventional medicine.

For more information about energy work, see About Energy Work.

Mission Statement

Good health is vital to fully living and enjoying our lives. Most of us want to feel we have a purpose on earth, that we lead meaningful and useful lives. Better health and more energy means we are more able to think and to act. The more we can do personally to become and stay healthy, the freer and more independent we are. Therefore I strive to help people take more of their health care into their own two hands.

Holistic self-care techniques can lead to a simpler and more natural life, wherein we are less reliant on costly medicines, complex or debilitating treatments, and the decisions of insurance providers. Practicing and teaching these healing arts and sciences can have a powerful effect in transforming our culture towards compassion, personal empowerment, and peace. Towards these ends, I provide individual treatments and private or small group workshops, and offer educational programs to schools, health care facilities, retreat centers, retirement living campuses, and other groups.

Individual classes are described after the Apprenticeship section below.


Barbara’s programs for beginners range from a single, 90-minute interactive presentation to a full program extending over a quarter or semester. Follow-up classes are available after participants have had time to practice and master skills. Depending on location, periodic practice sessions may also be available. Arrangement of classes is flexible; you can mix and match according to your interests and needs. More advanced techniques for deeper healing are taught in additional workshops.

A well-balanced program of workshops will combine general information classes with in-depth training in one or more specific techniques. Some examples of class combinations are:

      Introductory Series

      Natural First Aid & Simple Health Solutions

3.5 hours

      Healthy Living

2.5 hours

      Intro to Holistic Healing

2 hours

      Intro to Hands-On Healing

1.5 hours



      Toolbox Series


      Natural First Aid & Simple Health Solutions

3.5 hours

      Energy Work for Daily Living

Six 2-hour classes

      Relief for Stress & Insomnia

Four 2-hour classes



      Energy Work for Beginners


      Intro to Hands-On Healing

1.5 hours

      Energy Work for Daily Living

Six 2-hour classes

      Heal With Your Hands, Level 1*
*Includes First Degree (beginning) Reiki

12 hours over two or three days

For Intermediate & Advanced Energy Work Practitioners

Most of the classes and workshops are appropriate for all levels of practitioners. Workshops requiring intermediate level energy work skills or beyond are: Heal With Your Hands—Level 3, Third Degree Reiki, and Healing the Energy Field. Also, see Apprentice Opportunities below.

Apprentice Opportunities

Learn to be an energy work practitioner or teacher. One year of part-time study includes everything you need to treat yourself and your family. Professional training usually takes three years of part-time classes and can include in-depth study, a research project, clinical practice and teaching practice, if your goals include teaching energy work. Curriculum includes all classes listed here, additional instruction individualized for each person’s goals, and energy work from Barbara.

Here are two more specific views of the usual apprentice process. The actual program you undertake will be personalized to fit your goals and skills. Some of these steps you may have already accomplished. In “Trajectory,” the spiritual connection steps and the “Learn” steps are optional.


open the palms

open the mind

open the senses

open the heart

open the spiritual connection

open the body

enhance your power

enhance your understanding

govern your senses

enhance compassion

develop a spiritual practice

perfect technique

open to guidance

learn business skills

learn how one learns

learn how one teaches


First Year
Develop basic energy work skills

Learn the science of energy work healing

Treat family and friends

Summer project: individualized to your needs and interests

Develop intermediate energy work skills

Learn the principles of holistic healing

Develop client relationship skills

Treat clients with the teacher present

Summer project: A research project of your choice on a condition (for example, asthma or high blood pressure) or a population (for example, children or pregnant women).

Third Year
Develop advanced energy work skills

Become comfortable with a wide range of clients

Treat clients on your own, with teacher consultation or supervision as needed

Learn how to run a health care practice

If desired, learn how to teach energy work to others

To apply, request an application from Barbara or click here to download.

Individual Class Descriptions

Many of these workshops were developed by request. Feel free to ask for a new, modified, or extended class to fit your needs and interests. Registration and fee information follows these descriptions.

Natural First Aid & Simple Health Solutions

Did you know you can sometimes stop a headache by rhythmically squeezing a small area near your thumb? Did you know there is a substance made from flowers that can calm your mind and body in an emergency? Or that one of the best itch-stoppers for insect bites is in your kitchen cupboard right now? And that you can stimulate a sluggish colon with a mini-massage in the right direction? Would you like to use powerful medicines that have no side effects? How about a method of laying-on-of-hands that relieves stress, or a broth even better than chicken soup for stopping a virus in its tracks?

These techniques and products, and many more, are taught in this workshop. The easy, holistic methods presented are for coping with daily health needs and emergencies, such as broken bones, colds and flu, stomach upsets, overtaxed muscles, stress, emotional trauma, and insomnia. Among the diverse spectrum of techniques and products that are demonstrated or discussed are medicinal herbs (and how to prepare them), healing foods, energy work, Brain Gym, breathwork, aromatherapy, mini massage, homeopathy, and reflexology. Participants will leave with a “tool kit” of great methods and products.

One 3-hour class. A series or ongoing meetings can be arranged.


Healthy Living—Daily Practices to Enhance & Maintain Your Health

Whether you want small, beginner’s steps or significant lifestyle changes, there are ways to improve your health and to enjoy doing it. Whether you are well or ill, young or an elder, it’s possible to feel better. This interactive workshop will help you find out what you need, make healthy changes, get ongoing support, and have fun doing it.

One 2½ hour class. A series or ongoing meetings can be arranged.


Intro. to Holistic Healing

A brief look at many complementary and alternative therapies, including why they work, what to use them for, what a treatment consists of, and how to find a qualified practitioner.

2-hour interactive talk


Intro. to Hands-On Healing

How can you use your hands to apply healing energies? What is energy work? How can it help injuries, illness and emotional problems? This popular interactive talk shows how and why healing energies focused through the hands can help you get and stay healthy. Barbara explains and demonstrates different kinds of energies and techniques for using them, such as Reiki and Therapeutic Touch. She leads exercises to help you experience three kinds of healing energies and how to use them to help yourself and others achieve and maintain health and balance.

 1½ hour workshop


Therapeutic Touch

Learn a simple energy work technique developed by nurses for home and hospital use. This 15-minute treatment is effective for injuries, healing after surgery, relaxation, pain relief, indigestion, insomnia, and many other health needs. Hospital uses include pain relief, wound healing, emergency care, post-operative care and trauma care.

Therapeutic Touch does not include massage. There is no manipulation of the body or pressure on the body, and recipients are fully dressed. Therapeutic Touch is most effective for helping others, rather than for self-healing. No experience is needed, just an adventurous spirit!

The workshop includes the principles of energy work: how and why it works, basic skills (learned through individual exercises and pairwork), and the technique itself.

4-hour class with optional second class for certification, along with optional follow-up practice sessions.


Relief for Stress & Insomnia

Learn simple, effective ways to relieve stress and calm your mind and body, including breathwork, energy flow, music, meditation, herbs, aromatherapy, laughter, physical movements, and many other techniques to help you cope.

Four 2-hour classes


Heal With Your Hands — Level 1

In two fascinating days of training, learn to bring energy into your hands to heal yourself and others. You will learn basic skills and beginning techniques, understand the principles of the science behind energy work, and get lots of hands-on practice.

One of the techniques taught, called Reiki, is a natural healing method from Japan which most people find easy to do and very effective. It is used for both physical and emotional healing and for maintaining good health. Students will complete the beginning level of Reiki, called First Degree.

12 hours of training with optional follow-up practice sessions.


Heal With Your Hands — Level 2

Amplify your ability to heal with energy and learn to do distant healing. Learn energy work techniques for mental and emotional balance and health, and expand your ability to perceive. The workshop includes Second Degree Reiki.

12 hours of training with optional follow-up practice sessions.


For Energy Work Professionals: Heal With Your Hands — Level 3

If you are experienced in hands-on energy work with clients, this powerful, whole-body ki / qi and Earth Energy technique can be a great approach. It was developed by Roslyn Bruyère, adapted by Barbara Brennan, and modified and expanded by Barbara Clearbridge during 20 years of use with clients with a wide variety of needs. If you can perceive energy, you can use this technique to optimize energy centers and meridians throughout the body, and treat the Central Channel and external energy fields. It is also diagnostic—revealing where further healing is needed.

The workshop includes plenty of hands-on practice, as all participants will both give and receive the treatment. Non-professional energy work practitioners with sufficient experience and the ability to sense energies are also welcome.

4.5 hours of training with optional follow-up practice sessions.



First and Second Degree Reiki are taught in the Heal With Your Hands classes (see above).

Third Degree, the Master level of Reiki, includes increasing your abilities to heal, learning to empower others through the attunement process, professional practice issues (if needed), learning to teach Reiki (optional), receiving a Third Degree attunement to increase your healing power, and other topics and techniques by request. On your application form, you can specify additional areas you’d like to cover.

The reason everyone learns the attunement technique with which to empower others, even if they don’t intend to teach, is because the process of practicing this technique enlarges the energy system, greatly increasing how much energy your meridians can carry, which makes you far more powerful than if you don’t learn it.

Learning or not learning the attunement procedure is one of the ways traditional Reiki splits from modern shortened versions where one can become a “Reiki master practitioner” without learning it, instead of a “Reiki Master Teacher.” Originally there was no such distinction; everyone learned how to do attunements as part of the training to become a “Reiki Master.” There were good reasons for that traditional way, and I keep to it. Also, the First Degree attunement procedure can be done as a treatment modality, though this is very rare.

You can use your increased Third Degree power to add Reiki into any other energy work or bodywork techniques you may use, and for your own self-treatment.

Usually Third Degree Reiki training consists of a Friday night and half of Saturday. Then if students feel they can master the material by the next day, we conclude on Sunday afternoon. Often more time is needed, so we meet again the next Friday night and/or Saturday or Sunday to finish up. That’s usually sufficient, though it can take longer if students need more time.

To register for Third Degree Reiki, you must have completed First and Second Degree Reiki in the Usui tradition. An application is required to help Barbara plan the class to cover a possible wide variation in experience and training among the participants.


Come To Your Senses!

Expand your senses and intuitive abilities. Open your inner eyes, inner ears, inner knowing. Practice exercises and meditations to help you learn to perceive energy fields, look inside the physical body, develop the range of your senses, and go outside space and time. It’s easier than you think!

Two 3-hour classes. A series or ongoing meetings can be arranged.


Healing the Energy Field

Learn to perceive and heal the energy field (aura) of your clients. This class is designed for people with Intermediate Level skills or above.

One 3-hour class


Energy Work for Daily Living

Learn to use your energy system to manage everyday needs and stresses. The class includes how to cope with emotional turbulence, quickly ease physical and emotional pain, and align your will, power and life purpose. Make new habits to maintain your health and help you have the life you want.

Six 2-hour classes


Guides & Inner Wisdom

Guides and inner wisdom can be explained in psychological, scientific, or spiritual ways. You have a rich resource for times of healing, crisis, and daily challenges. This workshop includes exercises, games and meditations from a variety of approaches, to help you make contact.

Two 3-hour classes. A series or ongoing meetings can be arranged.


Finding God

Based on the book Finding God, By Learning How to Pray, by Barbara Clearbridge. Each person will develop or deepen a prayer practice. We will explore spirituality and support each other in finding or strengthening our connection to the divine.

Minimum of 6 sessions

Fees & Registration

All classes for individuals are on a love offering basis (you determine your payment). The cost of programs for organizations and institutions varies. Apprenticeships are by special arrangement.

For upcoming class dates or further information, see Upcoming Workshops & Travel Schedule and Late-breaking News. Registrations are not taken by email. Contact Barbara for cost and registration information.


For More Information

For further information of any kind, contact Barbara.