About Energy Work

I hope that these articles will answer most of your questions. In case they don’t, here is a message and quote sent by a client who has difficulty understanding how energy work can produce the results that it does. I hope it encourages you to try energy work:

I can’t get my head round it, but I am quite prepared to accept that there are lots of things I don’t understand—I don’t understand how Paracetamol takes a headache away or how the internal combustion engine works, for example, but I don’t need to understand them fully in order to use them and benefit from them.

About Reiki

About Therapeutic Touch

About Homeopathy

There are many references to Homeopathy in the report Effective Non-Toxic Treatments For Cancer Are Available—If You Leave North America. (Note page 16)

About Shamanic Healing

For more information on any of the above techniques see articles.